Regular service & maintenance can help lower your electric costs.

Commercial Electrical Service

Service is an important and often overlooked part of your building’s electrical solution. Regular maintenance like upgrades, repairs, and replacements help keep your electrical costs down and your tenants satisfied. Whether you maintenance call is something small like repairing an outlet or large like upgrading to an entirely new system, ESG has the team right for the job.


Maintenance Services

Electrical Solutions Group proudly manages and maintains service and maintenance calls on all commercial electrical installations. Whether the job was originally commissioned by ESG or installed by another company, our service department handles calls, quickly and efficiently.
  • Fan and Lighting Installation

  • Upgrading to LED Lighting

  • LED Accent Lighting - Tapes, Spots, Color Changing

  • Service or Installation of Outdoor/Parking Lighting

  • Electrical Panel Repairs and Replacements

  • Outlet and Dimmer Upgrades, Replacements or Repair

  • Wiring Replacements

  • Panelboard Safety Inspections

  • New Wiring for Renovations or Additions

  • Upgrade or Maintenance for Circuit Breakers

  • Updates, Replacements, or Upgrades for Exit Signage

  • Installation or Service for Tenant Metering

  • Emergency/Egress Lighting Testing, Battery Replacement and Upgrades.

  • Occupancy Controls

  • Panelboard Thermal Imaging Inspections

Enjoy Faster Service Response Time

Electrical Solutions Group keeps our service vehicles fully stocked to help provide faster response time and better overall maintenance and service to our customers. We understand service is often time sensitive.  Call us today to see how efficient service through ESG can be.